‘Uhane #1

i have never blogged before.  but, in creating Uhane, and working on my ‘last dance’ here in San Francisco, many thoughts are swirling around.

i cannot stop talking about the Uhane performing group.  10 unstoppable women.  10 funny, brave, beautiful, creative, constantly surprising women who i love to be around.  being in the studio with this group, ‘i love to go to work every day’.  because the average age of the 16 collaborators and performers in this work is over 50, the total of our ages and life experience is 951.  they have a lot to say about anything i ask them about – from ‘who are your ghosts?’ to ‘what do you still want to explore and learn?’  they replied: ‘i want to be scared’, ‘i want to make a difference’, ‘i want to step into my sensuality’, ‘i want to get stronger, and stronger and stronger’….

photos and videos coming soon.

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