Ellen Levin – on working in a sling

We are working with two very low hung aerial ‘slings’ made of parachute white ’tissue’ – the first day Ellen worked in one of the slings, while Sharon improvised below her there was a beautiful intimacy in what evolved, that inspired a section of ‘Uhane.  Ellen went home and wrote this poem:


My body lies

hanging white isseu,

A silk parachute

Inside, I can not see

what i look like, outside

I am a beached whale

Still breathing

Still moist

From the ocean

I am wondering

If there is a hereafter


Someone crawls under me

On all 4’s

Her back meets my back

I am in contact

Not alone, after all

Her back rippling and folding

Starts my back to move

Something like back to back CPR

Her movements make me feel

I am back in my element

The open sea


there is space around me

People are oohing and aahing

When I emerge,

I am home,


Until I lie down on

the smooth wooden floor

And it holds me too

Like the isseu sling.Image

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